Friday, October 16, 2009
6:00 p.m. - ??

The main course will begin with the finest hot dogs, brats, chips, the best beer you can bring, mystery-meat chili, and whatever else was left over from last year.

The brave will be pitching tent and foregoing the "drive between the lines" competition.

Find the house, head around back, then follow the lights and the primitive sounds.

If you're too old and tired to make it down (and up) the hill, give us a call so that we can all have a good laugh.




I-270 south to Telegraph Road (second last Missouri exit)
Right on Telegraph (south) 4.5 miles to Tollgate (9th stoplight)
Right on Tollgate 1/2 mile to Wynfield Terrace (fourth street on right)
Right on Wynfield Terrace to Collington Court (first street on right)
Right on Collington Court - center house in cul-de-sac - gold brick two-story


3000 Collington Court


See www.wantenna.com/river for photos.

2007 foolishness 1

2007 foolishness 2

If there are any good sports on, we'll have the flat-panel hooked up.

BYOB. No need for a cooler, we'll have coolers already iced up.

Get your kitchen pass, or ... she has to sleep sometime.  We'll be up late, call the cell, 314-323-4893